NET-TECH Services is a company focused on bringing security, and new technologies standards to all different company sizes. We understand and will work with all different types of companies and provide the best possible solution that fits your business needs and size. 

NET-TECH Services was established in 2002 and has been evolving ever since. Now as a Manage Service Provider, we will like to offer the opportunity for your company to grow in a secure and intelligent matter.

About the Founder:

A professional computer technician, David Sanchez understands how important technology is to your business. He founded Net-Tech Services in 2002 with a strong customer focus and a commitment to provide professional IT services at an affordable price. After completing his Bachelor’s degree in Information Security Systems from ITT Tech in 2011,  David has continued to work with several of the top IT firms and is dedicated to  improving his clients businesses with effective managed services. A true team player, David is a goal-oriented individual who is extremely proficient, displays high standards and integrity while interacting with people of all levels.